Lunar New Year.

2019 is the year of the Pig.

Lunar New Year, although being recognized in February, marks the beginning of a year whose months are aligned with the cycles of the moon (hence lunar). There are twelve zodiac animals that are used to represent the past and present years, each being a crucial indicator of the fortune the time ahead will bring. In honor of Vancouver's diverse city population, the Canucks celebrated their first Lunar New Year on the ice, and in the arena, with traditional Lunar New Year customs last February marking the year of the Dog. Today, we welcome the year of the Pig, whose symbolism references wealth and fortune, as their materialistic tendencies act as motivation for a hard working nature.

Lines that inspire

This year, the Canucks lucrative collaboration with popular local and worldwide retailer, Herschel Supply Co., extended beyond the basic logo into the red and gold realms of Lunar New Year. Designed at Canucks headquarters by Max Young, in tandem with Charlie 'Money1101' Chien from R!CE STUDIOS in Shanghai, a unique variation of the pig was born and repeated across classic staples. The inspiration behind the design stems from the traditional paper cut pig, crossed with a North American sports motif. With aggressive and bold lines, the animals representation is closely resembled to that of a hog whose broad curved back is ready for work. The detailed pig lies in the foreground to the infamous and now 41 year old Flying V, tying the cultural representation of the pig so many countries celebrate, to a classic symbol the people of Vancouver and beyond celebrate.

The Jersey

Not only will we be seeing the pig on limited edition merchandise, but it will also be gracing the bodies of our players and those alike. Available for retail for the first time, the Lunar New Year red Adidas jersey will be online to purchase. The unique number includes two variations of the pig finding themselves strategically placed on each shoulder, and then on the chest. The gold pig on the chest resembles that of a more traditional Lunar New Year symbol with intricate detailing in and around the figure, also created in conjunction with Chien in Shanghai. On the shoulder, you will find our Flying V as mentioned above, to bring the new year cross over to a more familiar level for Canucks fans.

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